Aggravated Discharge of Weapon

Aggravated Discharge of a Firearm and Reckless Discharge of a Firearm

Aggravated or Reckless Discharge of a Firearm in ILAggravated discharge is an infraction that describes the unlawful and harmful firing of a weapon. Firing a weapon in the direction of a person or group of individuals from beyond a building or automobile right into the building or car with the knowledge that there are or might reasonably be people present inside, is a Class 1 felony. Class 1 felonies are punishable by 4 to 15 years jail time, probation, social work, and/or around $25,000 in fines.

The crime comes to be a Class X felony when it is within 1,000 feet of a school, a school-related or school-sponsored task, or a school transportation vehicle. Class X felonies could be punishable by a mandatory minimal sentence of 10 years imprisonment, with an optimal sentence of 50 years jail time for some offenses. Chicago criminal defense lawyer Dan Hinich can a help you fight your case if you have been accused of aggravated or careless discharge of a weapon.

Criminal Offenses in Illinois

Discharging a tool towards or right into a structure or car where the following people are or can reasonably be present and also working is a Class X felony also:

  • Peace Officer
  • Emergency Medical Technician (EMT)
  • Emergency situation Medical Workers, consisting of Paramedics and also Ambulance Drivers
  • Community Policing Volunteer
  • Employee of a Correctional Institution
  • Firefighter
  • Instructor/Teacher
  • Emergency Situation Management Worker

Additionally, any kind of hand-gun or machine gun which is discharged with a silencer is a count of aggravated discharge.

Reckless discharge of a firearm refers to the act of unintentionally or irresponsibly shooting a weapon in such a manner that it risks an additional person or group of individuals. Firing a tool from a relocating car is one example; in this scenario, the driver of the car could also be demanded if they knew the discharge. Negligent discharge, which is a Class 4 felony, is punishable by one to 3 years jail time, probation, community service, and/or up to $25,000 in penalties.