Attempted Murder

Attempted Murder Charges in Illinois

Attempted Murder in ILIn the state of Illinois, attempted murder is pretty much treated as murder. The key to the charge, as with any charge really, is intent. An attempt to perform an offense is defined as,

“any act that constitutes a substantial step toward the commission of that offense.”

Thus, in the Illinois Compiled Statutes, rather than a law for every possible attempt at committing a serious offense, there is a law specifically related to attempt (call this A). And there is a law specific to first degree murder (call this B). Attempted Murder Charges then are A + B, a combining of the two statutes.

Arrested for Attempted Murder; What Am I Looking at?

Attempted murder is serious and the state of Illinois treats is as such.

According to Illinois Compiled Statutes 720. 5/8-4, the penalty for an attempt to commit a certain offense is the same penalty which would have been imposed had the attempt been completed.

Because first degree murder is a Class X felony, the penalty for attempted murder is a minimum sentence of 20 years’ imprisonment. The maximum sentence is 80 years in prison.

As for your charges, know that each situation is different and proving that you have planned and poorly executed a murder could be difficult. Just as the state has investigators looking at every possible corner of your life to prove you intended to kill someone but failed in your attempt, you need an investigative team.

At the Law Offices of Daniel D. Hinich, we carefully investigate every case we handle. Thus, we are not scrambling to find our investigative hat when someone calls about an attempted murder charge. A complete investigation is just part of our daily routine. We will make sure that we uncover anything which will be helpful to your case.

What Can I do About this Attempted Murder Charge?

If you are in custody, the first thing you can do about the charge of attempted murder is keep silent until your attorney, Daniel D. Hinich arrives. This means that you do not answer police interrogation questions. The only words from your mouth should be your name, address, date of birth, common courtesies, and

“I would like my attorney please. His name is Daniel D. Hinich. His number is 312-465-8000. Thank you.”

Then say nothing else.

If you are not in custody, just call. Now.