Domestic Violence Charges in Illinois

Domestic Violence Charges in Illinois

Domestic violence charges are serious business in Illinois. Per the Illinois Domestic Violence Act of 1986, the law covers virtually any type of relationship two persons may enter. Relationships protected under this law include:

  • Spouses (and ex-spouses)
  • People in a dating relationship
  • Parent/child (or stepparent/child)
  • Blood relations
  • Roommates/former roommates

In addition to a domestic violence charge, it is not uncommon for the state to add a charge of battery. Multiplication of charges is a common tactic used by the prosecution, one which Daniel D. Hinich knows how to fight.

How Serious is a Domestic Violence Charge in Illinois?

Criminal Defense Attorney in Homeland, ILThe Illinois law is written such that each domestic violence charge may be different, depending on the level of violence employed and the harm done. Thus, a minor altercation that results in domestic violence charges may be treated as a Class A misdemeanor with up to one-year incarceration.

However, if the charges are Class 4 felony, the penalty for a conviction is between one and three years in prison. If a Class 2 felony, the sentence for a conviction would be between three and seven years.

In addition, if there is a previous conviction; or there were aggravating circumstances and the state criterion is met, the prosecutor can request additional prison time up to 14 years.

So a Domestic Violence Charge is serious.

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