Electronic Crimes

Defense of Electronic Criminal Charges in Chicago, Joliet and Bridgeview

Electronic Crimes in ILElectronic crime cases can be incredibly intricate due to the innovation of technology. They can include computers, cell phones, smart devices or other forms of electronic communication.  If you are dealing with any criminal charges related to cyber crimes, you need to talk to a criminal defense lawyer quickly.

The most common Internet-related crimes in Illinois are identity fraud, financial fraud, software piracy, the possession of explicit sexual photos of minors, cyberbullying, computer hacking and child exploitation. These kinds of situations can involve felony charges and lengthy sentences. They can often ruin a person’s career and reputation.

The prosecution of Internet-related crimes is becoming much more aggressive in Illinois. Defending people accused of these crimes to avoid wrongful convictions has steadily increased in recent years. Laws identifying what constitutes an Internet crime are still not extremely clear and are constantly changing. There are many instances where a person believes something they convey electronically is covered by free speech, but is not.  Making threats via email or instant messages is not covered by free speech, and this is where some people get into trouble with the law. Also, since Internet-related threats are usually not accompanied by any physical act, many people are unclear when threatening words via email or text messages cross the line into an unlawful territory.

Dan Hinich is an Illinois criminal defense lawyer who has dealt with many different types of cyber crimes. He is a defense attorney that has plenty of experience in electronic criminal cases. Mr. Hinich will conduct a detailed investigation of the electronic crime in question and uses experts in this field to defend your case. Electronic and Internet-related crimes legislation are continuously changing. Due to these constant changes in Internet law, Dan Hinich continues his legal education every day so that his clients will have the best representation.  Safeguarding your freedom is Mr. Hinich’s top priority, and you can be confident that if charged with a computer related crime that he will know the correct legal path to take with your case.