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Internet-related Criminal Charges in South Chicago Suburbs, Bridgeview and Joiliet, IL

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In recent years the dependence on Internet communications has grown exponentially and so has the potential for misuse of the Internet resulting in more criminal laws and arrests. The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) records an approximated 300,000 complaints of internet crimes on a yearly basis. Illinois has actually replied to the increase in cybercrime by establishing the High Tech Crimes and Internet Safety department of the Illoinois Attorney General Office. This department is entirely committed to investigating cyber-crimes. Together with the Illinois Law Enforcement Training and Standards Board they combine in a joint project to form The Illinois Computer Crime Institute. The Institute’s stated purpose was to develop and deliver a comprehensive computer crimes training curriculum to Illinois’ law enforcement community. The ICCI continues its mission by facilitating the development and organization of Illinois’ Regional Computer Crimes Enforcement Groups (RCCEG) and the Regional Computer Forensics Lab.  So no matter how smart an individual is, the state of Illinois can put thousands of hours developing a case against an individual.

Internet-related criminal offenses happen on a daily basis. There is an extreme increase in wrongful allegations, as well as sentences for Internet-related crimes. On-line users may hide behind confidential screen names, fake IP addresses and fake identities. Many Internet offenders or hackers are well versed in technology and know how to misdirect authorities utilizing false IP addresses, false identities and can adequately cover their tracks. For this reason, authorities have a difficult time correctly identifying the true culprit behind an Internet criminal offenses. The private investigators of advanced criminal activities in Illinois can be aggressive in finding Internet wrongdoers and may easily misidentify and accuse innocent individuals of such criminal offenses.

Internet sex crimes: We provide aggressive sex crimes defense to people charged with Internet sex crimes, such as Internet solicitation of minors, possession or distribution of child pornography and other Internet sex crimes.

When you need federal criminal defense get skilled representation immediately. Government authorities do not wait until charges are filed before beginning their case against you. If you even suspect you may be under investigation by federal or state authorities for online sex offenses or identity theft, contact us. The sooner we get started, the better chance we have of getting charges dropped or reduced.

Recent Successes: Through our careful case preparation and determination, we successfully represented a client facing felony charges for computer fraud and forgery. As a result of our legal advice and counsel, the computer crime case was reduced to a misdemeanor– no jail time or felony conviction.

If you have been arrested or suspect that you are under investigation for a computer-related crime in Illinois, trust in our Joliet law firm to provide the experienced, aggressive and knowledgeable defense counsel you need and deserve. Contact us today for a free initial consultation.