Criminal Law Q&A

Daniel Hinich Answers Criminal Defense Questions

Should I defend myself?

If you needed surgery would you try to do it yourself?  Of course not, you would want an experienced surgeon. Likewise, defending yourself in a criminal case is a bad idea.  You are going up against the State with its practically unlimited resources.  The State has experienced attorneys that have been prosecuting all day – every day for years. You don’t stand a chance going up against somebody like that?  It doesn’t matter how smart you are either because there is no amount of smarts that is going to substitute for the prosecutor’s experience.  What you need is somebody with equal experience on your side – somebody to stand up and fight back for you.  I have been practicing law for over 25 years and will bring all of my experience and expertise to fight the State and give you the best defense possible.

What is a plea bargain?

A plea bargain is essentially a deal you make with the State.  In exchange for you giving up your right to a trial the State agrees to a lower sentence.  While in some cases a plea bargain may be a reasonable choice it is not the best option for everyone.  You may in fact be better off going to trial.  Defendant’s sometimes jump on the first plea deal especially when they are facing the possibility of a severe sentence.  If the prosecutor gives you a plea deal do not accept any offer until you have consulted with an experienced criminal defense attorney.  Contact me immediately for a free consultation.

Do I need a criminal defense attorney if I’m going to plead guilty?

Absolutely!  The State is not there to help.  A guilty plea may have life long consequences. What you need is a defense attorney who will review your case to see whether or not a plea bargain is the best way to go. I will evaluate and work up your entire case to give you options.  Get in touch with me for a free consultation.  Do not risk your future or freedom.

Should I accept a plea deal or go to trial?

This is probably the most important decisions you will make in your case.  In order to make the right choice you need to be thoroughly informed about all aspects of your case.  I believe the best way to approach a case is from the trial perspective.  If your case is prepared for trial then you can make your decision not out of fear but based on the true strengths and weaknesses of your case.  Contact me to begin the preparation of your case.