Weapons Charges

Dan Hinich handles gun cases involving UUW and AUUW under 720 ILCS 5/24.

The Illinois laws are confusing when it comes to gun and weapons laws.  Criminal defense attorney Dan Hinich has defended many different types of gun and weapons related charges.

In Illinois, a UUW is an acronym for unlawful use of a weapon which is the title of the statute where we have an illegal use, delivery, sale or possession of a weapon. Even though the law is confusing because it says use of a weapon, it doesn’t only include use. It includes just mere possession. So, if you illegally possess a weapon, that would fall under the unlawful use of weapons statute which we call here UUW. AUUW is an aggravated UUW. The point is the statute is one of the most confusing in America and here in Illinois it is one of the toughest statutes out there. Illinois has ramped up the harshness of the penalties over the past few years.

Gun and Weapons Charges

Weapons criminal charges and sentences are extremely serious since many of these crimes carry the potential for mandatory federal sentencing and punishment. The nature of your crime may greatly increase incarceration time, carry heavy fines and impact your right to own a firearm. Illinois UUW Laws (Unlawful Use of a Weapon) are hard to understand and tricky to navigate without expert advice. A weapons conviction can have a significant impact on your life making you not eligibility for many jobs. Call Daniel Hinich for a free consultation.