Assault and Battery in Illinois

Assault and Battery charges in Illinois can be confusing for many. This is because Illinois is unique in the way it defines battery. An assault in this state is any act which puts another person in the position where they expect to receive a battery. A battery however, is either,

  1. Causing bodily harm to someone
  2. Physical contact with another person which is insulting, unwanted, or provocative

However, the state has separate statutes for both assault and battery. Thus, a charge of one or both could result from a single event, such as a fight. For instance, if one person shoves another with the intent of starting a fight, that is assault. It is also battery per “b” above, so that both charges could be filed. Most likely, the charges will be multiplied.

Arrested for Assault and Battery and Wondering What Will Happen Next?

Aggravated Battery Crime Scene in Chicago ILOne of the biggest things anyone wants to know after being arrested for assault and/or battery is “what next?” Good question.

As your attorney’s, we will prepare the best possible defense. We want to know everything that happened. My team and I will conduct an independent investigation into what happened as well. We will plan your defense as if going to trial. This way, nothing is left to chance.

After the Arraignment on Assault and Battery Charges What Happens?

After your arraignment, we work hard on your case to ensure that we provide you with the most vigorous defense possible. We leave nothing to chance. We believe that a defendant can be an integral part of his/her defense so we keep you involved in your defense as it develops.

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