Violent Crimes

Violent Crime Charges in Illinois

The state of Illinois takes a tough stance against domestic and other violent crimes. Minor violent crimes, such as simple assault and battery are Class C misdemeanors in Illinois whereas major violent crimes are felonies. Some of the violent crimes which may be charged in Illinois include:

  • domestic violence charges
  • assault and battery
  • attempted murder
  • sexual assault

The Law Offices of Daniel D. Hinich in South Chicago/Cook County understand what is needed to defend your rights when you have been arrested for a violent crime in Illinois. Click on any of the above-listed crimes to learn more.

I Told Them I Would Not Answer Questions Without My Attorney. Now What?

Great. Now you wait. Once we have been contacted, we will get started immediately working on your case. Do not answer any questions related to your case other than to give your name, address, date of birth, Driver’s License or State ID number, and similar identifying information to which the authorities have a right.

Answering even seeminly ‘nice’ questions such as “What happened?” and “How can I help you fix this?” are off limits. Do not take the bait if presented. The police have arrested you and will not be your friend. Do not speak until we arrive.

Arrested for a Violent Crime and Wondering What Will Happen Next?

As your attorney, my job is to put up the most passionate defense possible. I start by listening to what happened: Your story told in your words. Then we investigate. We proceed as of taking the matter to trial, which at this point is the plan. Of course, if it makes sense to accept a plea deal from the prosecution, then that may happen. But for now, plan on a trial.

By planning for a trial, we will enter the arraignment with confidence. The arraignment is where you will enter your plea of Not-Guilty. From there, we fight…the legal way. During this fight, you may begin to have doubts. Let us know your fears and concerns. We are here for you.

If you have been arrested for any violent crime in Chicago or Cook County, get in touch with the Law Offices of Daniel D. Hinich immediately. We can be reached at 312-465-8000.